Customised technology allows our clients to track their campaigns in real time gaining valuable information, some illustrative examples are below.

Keyword Ranking Dashboard

This dashboard gives our clients instant access to their rankings by keyword across the major search engines on a daily basis. Using this interface you can regularly obtain updates to your ranking statistics and watch as our efforts push you to the top of the search engines.



Ranking Reports Grid

An alternative layout view of the ranking status of specific keywords being targeted in an SEO campaign and a variation of the visual graph displayed above for the purpose of tracking the progress of organic ranking across multiple search engines.



Accounts Setup Master List

A list of all accounts setup for the purpose of building back links to our clients websites as part of Local Business Listing Optimisation (LBLO) campaigns, with their respective account names, passwords and other info.



Progress Reports Chart

Summary view of campaign progress including relevant tasks and other info which reports on the status of our clients campaigns in the context of their degree of completion at any point in time.



Campaign Summary

A quick reference overview that shows what work has been done on each of our clients campaigns via monthly summary reports so you can easily track the progress of your online marketing campaigns over time.



Blog Posts and Social Distribution

Central area to access info on blog content and social media distribution.




Note: Some information has been removed for privacy reasons.