We can provide a detailed Website Audit at the start of campaigns or as an audit/review at any time. This enables thorough market research and an analysis of keywords, rankings and competition. Further, it will ensure a systematic analysis of the web design, web structure, backlinks, and content; followed by optimisation guidelines.

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SEO is a medium-term, task-extensive process – bringing long-term results. Your success, and our reputation, depends on the results. If you’re planning on quality SEO work that gets results, this is the way forward.

This is both our opportunity to really get to know our clients’ campaign needs and goals, as clients consult with us on keywords and content along the auditing process. In addition we impart guidelines to clients for an optimised SEO implementation.

Key Benefits:

  • Well-defined Target Keywords
  • Overview and Awareness of Ranking, Backlinks and Competition
  • Optimal Web Design and Structure
  • Content Optimisation Guidelines
  • Starting off with the Right Foot for a Strategic SEO

Our Website Audit Report includes the following:

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Web Design Analysis
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Troubleshooting Report
  • Backlinks Report
  • Content Analysis and Optimisation Guidelines
  • Report Summary and Consultation

Our Website Audit Report truly allows the opportunity to provide information and value to our clients, and that is by making sure that all core SEO issues are addressed to begin with. This avoids false starts and truly paves the way for effective SEO campaigns.

Check our full list of tasks for this service